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Would full dive VR cause Human Extinction?

Would full dive VR cause Human Extinction?

If we have full dive VR would there still be people living in real life? Maybe it comes down to personal preference? I am referring to VR brain implants, not headsets.

Excluding factors such as morals and religion, eating and drinking, bodily functions, need for money, need to reproduce

Or we could have the majority people who spend the majority of time in the real world (in other words split time between real life and FIVR), or some people who spend their entire lives in full time.

Maybe Full Dive Virtual reality will only serve a niche for addicts, hardcore gamers or scientists who want to explore other planets

I am thinking that maybe in the second half of this century virtual reality would be a equal or more superior to the base reality.

Would we get a 75 percent uptake maybe?



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