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Why choose KhelChamps for the Fantasy Cricket Online?

Why choose KhelChamps for the Fantasy Cricket Online?

When we say cricket, especially in India, it is more than just a sport. People watching and playing this gentlemen’s game are emotionally attached and involved. Be it India losing in the final of 2003 WC or winning 2011 WC, the contrasting emotions exhibited by Indian fans shows just what this game of cricket means to them.

For such cricket crazy fans, online fantasy cricket means a lot. So exactly is this fantasy cricket and how does it work? Many of you may know already, but for few who don’t, fantasy cricket is an online game in which virtual teams of real cricket players compete online. Based on the performance of the selected players, points are scored; and if your team ranks higher in a contest then you win real cash, as per the specific contest.

If you have cricketing knowledge, you stand a great chance of winning big by playing fantasy cricket online. Fantasy cricket in 2020 is going to reach more people than ever before and is set to achieve new heights of popularity. In India, fantasy cricket is a big thing and gets a great response, especially during high-profile team India matches and IPL.

New fantasy cricket sites are emerging almost daily where you can play fantasy cricket game. Depending upon how accurate your fantasy cricket prediction is, you can win exciting cash prizes. Experience fantasy cricket like never before by playing on top fantasy cricket websites.

There are various fantasy sports apps where you can play fantasy cricket, but the one that stands out is KhelChamps. KhelChamps is a popular online fantasy sports platform that provides you with an enhanced fantasy sports experience.

Following are some of the features and advantages of the KhelChamps app that give it an edge over other similar apps:

User-Friendly Interface:

The KhelChamps App is designed in such a way that you can navigate from one page to the other with ultimate ease and within no time. This not only enhances the user experience but also comes in handy in situations where you are running out of time while setting your fantasy cricket team.

Safe Gaming Platform:

While it is absolutely fun to use KhelChamps App, it also one of the most secure fantasy sports platforms. Also, Responsible Gaming is followed to guard any player from the unfavourable situation. The is designed in adherence with the Indian Law, so using it is absolutely legal.

Exciting Ongoing Bonuses:

KhelChamps rewards its players with hefty bonuses and rewards! Following are a few bonus codes that will give you high returns upon deposit:

  1. KHEL25: Use it to get a 25% bonus on a deposit of Rs. 100 – Rs. 500.
  2. KHELPRO: Get a 150% bonus on your deposit in a range of Rs. 100 – Rs. 20,000.
  3. FIRSTCHAMP: Use the code to get a 100% bonus on your first-time deposit of Rs. 25 – Rs. 20,000.
  4. CHAMP2020: Get a hefty bonus of 200% on a deposit between Rs. 25 – Rs. 20,000.

Refer a Friend Offer:

Not only you, but your friends also deserve to be on one of the best online fantasy sports platforms – KhelChamps. To serve this purpose, KhelChamps has an offer in place – Refer a Friend.

How does Refer a Friend Work?

First of all, open the KhelChamps app. Then go to the ‘More’ tab. Now select the ‘Refer a Friend’ option. Send the invitation code to your friend.

Your friend has to download the app and use the referred code. After doing so, once he deposits a minimum amount of Rs. 50, you will get a 100% bonus up to Rs. 1000.

Use the bonus to join contests that you deem suitable after analysing various factors such as teams involved, pitch type, weather conditions, players’ form, and so on.

Bring out your competitive side by creating and joining private contests along with your friends! Check who has more sporting knowledge in your friend circle.

Multiple Contests – Your Chance to Win Big!

Increase your chances of winning exponentially by joining multiple contests on KhelChamps. Various contests such as Mega, head-to-head, winner takes all, private, free, and hot contests. Analyse players’ form, pitch conditions, and various other crucial factors to understand which contest is likely to give you good returns.

Smooth Withdrawal and Deposit:

On the KhelChamps app, you can easily deposit your money and withdraw your winnings. The simplicity of the process allows the user to get started with the actual game quickly, taking user experience to the whole new level.

24*7 at your service:

KhelChamps offers round the clock support to its players, ensuring that every doubt is cleared then and there. If you get stuck at any point in time, please feel free to raise a query at [email protected].

With such solid features and exciting offers, come play online fantasy sports on one of the safest online fantasy sports platforms – KhelChamps.

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