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Traditional stocking fillers for kids under £10

Traditional stocking fillers for kids under £10

With Christmas edging closer and the main presents ticked off the list, it’s time to turn your attention to stockings. We’ve put together a list of our favourite stocking fillers that won’t break the bank. In fact, everything on the below list is under £10.

Under 3’s

Aniwheelies Elephant
Rubbabu is made from a natural biodegradable foam rubber, it’s soft to touch and safe for your exploring little one. A perfect tactile toy for both your little one and the environment!

Clockwork Train
Wind it up and watch it go! This tiny train is 5cm high so it will fit into any stocking ready for a traditional Christmas.

Two Piece Puzzles (Farm)
Made from chunky wooden pieces so little ones can grip and grab easily. A great way to develop dexterity, matching skills, concentration and vocabulary, without them realising!

A classic game to play with family and friends, crafted from high-quality wood. Comes in rectangular packaging that will slide into any stocking and help fill it up quickly!

Trawler Boat
Simple so their imagination can run wild. Perfect for playing in warm baths during winter or outside in summer. Sturdy, lightweight and durable these boats are a gateway to hours of happy creative play.

Wiggly Worm
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a Wiggly Worm. This colourful wooden toy creates a base for a whole host of imaginative play. It’s usually the most simple toys they love, isn’t it?!

Jacobs Ladder
Just like Grandma had when she was young, this needs no introduction. Perfect for a traditional Christmas but be warned, may trigger ‘back in my day’ stories from grandparents.

Pull Back Planes

The beautiful natural wood finish puts these planes at the top of our Christmas lists! Pull back and let go to watch the plane race down the runway. Sold in packs of 2, these planes are ideal if you’ve got more than one stocking to fill.

Number Tiles
Simple but effective! Set them off on the right foot with these engaging number tiles – 10 puzzles, each with 3 pieces. The illustrations make learning visual and easier for young minds.

Snazzy Bell Stick
The only thing on this list that makes noise (you’ll be pleased to know!). Giving an instrument to a little one might seem daunting but these bells will fill your home with festive tones as your little ones explore sound and rhythm. A beautiful traditional gift to encourage creativity.

Over 3’s

Snazzy Spinning Tops
We can almost guarantee that these are going to be played with by the adults almost as much as the children. A classic to any childhood, set them spinning and watch the patterns change. A great way to improve hand/eye coordination.

My First Engine
Nothing feels more traditional than a wooden train at Christmas, and this is the perfect little gift to get them started! Compatible with other major wooden railway brands so your collection can keep expanding.

Mini Noughts and Crosses
A travel sized version of the classic game noughts & crosses. It’s the ideal family game as little ones will understand the simple rules and feel involved. It’s also a great way to improve dexterity, concentration and strategic thinking without little ones knowing they’re learning! This is a great way to keep little ones entertained during long Christmas dinners without clearing the table or getting down.

Rail Name Letters
Every letter of the alphabet is available in lower and upper case, and in different colours in our rail name range. It’s a sweet, traditional keepsake that will encourage letter recognition. Use with Bigjigs Wooden Railway track or as a creative way to decorate a nursery or playroom.

Snazzy Wooden Kaleidoscope
See the world in a different light this Christmas with these Snazzy Kaleidoscopes. Made from responsibly sourced materials, they are perfectly sized to fit in a Christmas stocking!

Balloon Powered Boat
This little boat will provide hours of play in and out of the water. Blow the balloon up using the little pipe at the back, then set it off in the water and watch it jet around. Or take it on to dry land for imaginative play sessions! Available in 3 colours and only 5.3cm wide so it will dock into a stocking perfectly.

Buffers (Pack of 6)
Six buffers to finish off any rail lovers track, a great little addition to any stocking.

Puffing Trains
Blow into the pipe and see how long you can make the ball hover for! You’re bound to have a competition with the family whilst you’re waiting for the Christmas dinner to cook.

Mini Solitaire
A timeless gift for the whole family. This game is a great gift for little ones with a strategic mind. There’s a bottom tray that provides storage for the small pieces so they never get lost. Keep away from grandparents if you don’t want your high score beaten!

Medium Straight ( Pack of 4)
As essential as the inevitable socks stuffed in the bottom of the stocking. This set of wooden track pieces is a Christmas bestseller.

Now, that’s the stocking sorted, what’s for pudding?

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