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Set-Up Technology To Help Children Connect and Play Safely – AskAboutGames

Set-Up Technology To Help Children Connect and Play Safely – AskAboutGames

With children at home, there is now lots of advice about different ways to use technology to help with education, connection and entertainment. We wrote about this last week, extended the uses you might consider for video games to include, ways to find calm, stay fit and healthy and stay hopeful.

Whatever you are using your video games, social media and technology for, it’s more important than ever that you understand how to use the settings that put you in control of how children interact online.

Play Together

Every video game console, smartphone and tablet have a settings section that enables you to specify the following outlined as part of the Get Smart About PLAY campaign:

Spend some time with these settings, as we’ve outlined in the other posts, to understand how best your child can use the device or console. Do this together with your child not only as a chance to agree on sensible limits together but also to gain insight into how your child might benefit from these activities.

Collaborate and Learn

One of the best ways to maximise the benefits from video games, and understanding any potential shortcomings, is to play them together as a family. There are lots of amazing games you can play either in the same place or online with other family members.

AskAboutGames has sponsored the Family Video Game Database to help you find games for your family. Recent lists include:

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