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Entertainment world affected by rich Chinese

Entertainment world affected by rich Chinese

Since neogaf blocked me for “seek professional’s help”
reddit blocked me for “keep community safe”

i think i will open a thread in there joyfreak
i have all the detail how china change your western entertainment industry

This includes many movie stars/ Yes Im telling about I knew all the reason Why many popular Western film Some of their scene are so weird… Make no-sense… There’s some powerful/rich people try put their personal idea/habit to western entertainment
For example : it chapter 2 2019 you know why McAvoy can’t talk to people correctly In film? Because in reality I always stutter on my words when I get nervous/angry.
Yes Chinese Spy my internet 24/7 Spy my house 24/7 They want write me “into” many western film. Its a joke They just copy the shining 1980 kubricks idea.
If someone really want into my situation THIS IS A CHANCE TO STOP MANY Weird Stuff THAT should BE cut in first place. Plz Start read this neogaf banned acc termos’s post

the chat history from me and a guy that write hollywood blog
the detail about how china manage everything

i think maybe theres someone will help me release all my story to public first
then i can go much bigger about everything i recorded about how china change almost anything with entertainment market like movie video game etc..

and they done all of these just for some stupid reason

i remember in neogaf thread theres people they think some of video game their story writer are changed

like division 1 are good
division 2 lol become bad

ubisoft been deal with china company many years

china can even control ubisoft in many “underground” way (add idea etc…)

and no-one will find out…. just for example

some video game dev they feel upset so they leave the project
but anyway project will still go on.
its all about money

Paid to change or force to change many western film video game story script
Many people they start feel weird but they don’t understand what cause these…
Like people those in neogaf
Reddit etc….
They feel weird but they don’t understand what cause these…

They can only say something like ” oh this game ruined
oh disappointed oh this game company long gone ” etc…

Only China can do this

Western people never use such trick to ruin entertainment production

Forgot to say
I’m not sure about tlou part 2 director / write
He want get access to Hollywood??!

Because China secretly control mostly Hollywood production
So he “sold his tlou part2 story script soul” to China
Let China do story script idea change
The story begin really bad for killing main character in the first tlou game
Make worldwide player feel super up-set….

I feel things are total out of control
Focus home … ubisoft etc….. These major Europe video game company all start affect by china

i need some powerful contact release my story out.
chinese rich they are changed kojima productions(death stranding ‘ s story script).
now they are try ruin rockstargames.
later is halo infinite.

they are damage entertainment film video game industry

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