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Enter for a chance to win an amazing new gaming computer with an Intel processor

Enter for a chance to win an amazing new gaming computer with an Intel processor

Intel consistently improves computer performance year over year for everyone, from students to artists, business people to gamers. Not surprisingly, Intel is also critical to your success at the most intensely demanding activity for any computer: PC Gaming. Enter for a chance to win a high performance, Intel powered, gaming computer from Intel and Best Buy.

All gamers are welcome

What kind of gamer are you? It’s been said that variety is the spice of life and there are many kinds of PC gamer. Some people stick exclusively to simple PC games that work on any machine; others prefer highly demanding PC games they play on custom built water-cooled machines with the fastest Intel processor available. A recent study concluded that there are six distinct types of PC gamers:

  1. Alpha: Highly enthusiastic, cross-platform, social, influential, and competitive gamer; high knowledge of PC components especially as it affects gaming.
  2. Purist: PC-centric, preferring stationary, immersive gaming; likely to customize PC hardware.
  3. Enthusiast: passionate about the latest gaming trend, loves PC Gaming but also mobile/smartphone gaming; moderate hardware knowledge
  4. Pragmatist: hobbyist preferring stationary/solitary gaming; knowledgeable about hardware but pragmatic about which computer works for their needs
  5. On-the-go: gaming on the go is most important; satisfied with easy to use PC products
  6. Casual: gaming is a quick escape and usually a stationary activity; not very knowledgeable about PC hardware

Think about where you fit into this framework, and what kind of games you most like to play.

Gaming is better with Intel inside

Take a look at the selection of Intel powered gaming laptops and gaming desktop computers available at Best Buy and you’ll see an awesome selection. In fact, your gaming will improve with any one of those machines thanks to the power of the Intel processor inside. Three winners of this contest will soon find that out for themselves!

There will be one grand prize winner of an ASUS Zephyrus S Thin Gaming Laptop and two additional prize winners of an Alienware m15 Laptop. All prizes have the fantastic Intel i7-9750H processor inside—one of the fastest processors available for a laptop!


How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us which type of gamer you are (based on the descriptions above: Alpha, Purist, Enthusiast, Pragmatist, On-the-go, Casual) and which Intel powered gaming desktop or laptop sold at Best Buy is the machine of your dreams!

What can I win

At the end of this contest we will draw three winners from all eligible entries. One winner will receive the grand prize ASUS Zephyrus shown above; the other two winners will each get the Alienware m15 shown above.

This contest will run from March 27th to April 12th.

Remember you can only win once. However, tell your gaming friends about this contest:  they too would be thrilled to win this amazing opportunity to win a new Intel powered gaming computer.

Good luck

Win an Intel powered gaming computer Contest Rules and Regulations

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