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Do you have any self-imposed rules?

Do you have any self-imposed rules?

So, I was playing Bravely Default today and I was basically letting party members die and then reviving them strategically in order to make them catch up with one another and have them all have a similar amount of experience so they all levelled up after the same one battle. That got me thinking just how often I do this pointless grinding just because it is a mild annoyance for me that the characters are far apart in their required experience points. I tend to do this even if I don’t get the party in one go.

Another self-imposed rule is an arbitrary number of repeats I can get with items ina game with limits. I rather sell items before reaching the limit as to not waste the possibility of making a bit of extra money, but I am still a big hoarder.

How about you? Do you have any rules you tend to follow but that have never been explicitly told by a game you had to do it like that? Things that you won’t feel tranquil if you are not doing them like that. Any funny stories?


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