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Critics love The Last of Us: Part II. Users don’t.

Critics love The Last of Us: Part II. Users don’t.

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It’s been barely a day since The Last of Us: Part II was released, but it already seems to be attracting heat among the gaming populace.
While critics are giving it scores of 95-100, users don’t see the same appeal. So far, the game has attracted a score of 3.6, or Generally Unfavorable on Metacritic after 37,941 total reviews (of which 25,296 are negative.) It also doesn’t take much work to find YouTube videos or news articles criticizing the game.

Many of these criticisms are levied against the game’s overall story. Without mentioning spoilers, there are several events in-story that have caused uproar and anger.

What’s your opinion on this sort of thing? Do you agree with the reviews, or do you disagree with them? Do you believe that the users are criticizing in a good way, or simply throwing criticism at the first thing they see?

More importantly, do you think that The Last of Us: Part II is still a good game? Or have the reviews caused you to think about it a bit more?

SPOILER WARNING: These links contain spoilers. Many of the reviews are already spoilered, but this is just a disclaimer that, yes, your game experience may be spoiled by visiting these links.


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